It's not easy being superhuman, as Kevin Sorbo, the buff, blue-eyed star of "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys" can attest.

At the center of the over-the-top action/fantasy series, Sorbo plays the half-man, half-god of ancient Greece, protecting humankind from capricious deities, evil centaurs, fire-breathing dragons and other assorted bad guys. That translates into a lot of kick-boxing, sword-fighting and additional acts of prowess worthy of a demi-god. Sounds exhausting, but for Sorbo, 38, who performs many of his own stunts, such feats are all in a day's work.

And, the flaxen-haired actor says, he tops off those long days on the set with a strenuous workout, keeping those muscles -- and his 43-inch chest -- up to snuff. "I go to the gym and spend 90 minutes there every day, after a 14-hour day. I work out all the time," the Minnesota native told New York's Daily News.

Yet, as fans of the show can attest, the actor is more than just a hunk in leather pants and chamois shirt. Much of the show's appeal stems from Sorbo's own personality -- an affable mix of wholesome Midwestern and laidback surfer dude -- making this modern-day Hercules more complex and human than the Arnold Schwarzenegger ("Conan the Barbarian") and Lou Ferrigno ("Hercules") cartoon-type characters more typical of the sword-and-sorcery genre.

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